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From Physical to Digital : Consumer Adoption Process to E-Wallet

From Physical to Digital : Consumer Adoption Process to E-Wallet

Alfina M.M 1*
1 Management Department, Universitas Internasional Semen Indonesia, Gresik, Indonesia


The primary objective of this research is to understand about the consumer adoption behavior of mobile wallet. Practically, this research will be useful for the mobile wallet provider who would like to understand the process which experienced by the user of mobile payment. It is also helpful for individuals such as a students to improve knowledge of mobile wallet which can possible to lead further research The supporting theoretical framework is sourced from Diffusion Innovation book written by Everett Rogers (3rd edition) from which he presented the Innovation-Decision Process model. By using qualitative method using in depthinterview, some of informants are contacted by phone who live in Surabaya, Gresik, Jakarta. The findings of the research show that in each step of the innovation-decision process model contain several critical factors that most of the informant have the same feeling of it and of course it could be used as a future strategy to expand mobile payment’s provider market share by implementing some of insight that has been revealed in this research.
Keywords- mobile payment, innovation-decision process model, adoption process behavior


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