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Peracangan Instrumen Pengukuran Kinerja Usaha UKM Kalem Coffee dengan Pendekatan Balanced Scorecard

Peracangan Instrumen Pengukuran Kinerja Usaha UKM Kalem Coffee dengan Pendekatan Balanced Scorecard

Nur Elisa Faizaty, Yanuar Trisnowati, Atika Anthony, Eka Desy Aminah Sari

Departemen Manajemen, Fakultas Ekonomi dan bisnis

Universitas Internasional Semen Indonesia

Kompleks PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Jl. Veteran, Gresik, Indonesia


Performance management is intended to improve the strategic focus and effectiveness of the company by ensuring continuous improvement in individual and team performance. The most popular approach used is the BSC (Balanced Scorecard). Coffee shop "Kalem Coffee" wants to develop their business, therefore in this study we want to design a performance measurement instrument Kalem Coffee using BSC. The initial stage in designing a performance instrument is to conduct internal and external analysis in order to know the business position in the industry and what strategies should be used. The SWOT approach is used in internal and external environmental analysis. From the SWOT analysis, it is known that Coffee Sugar is in quadrant IV position. The strategy that should be applied is diversification. This strategy requires Kalem Coffee to make a difference with similar businesses to bring greater opportunities for business to take place. The next stage is the formulation of strategic objectives. The strategic objectives designed are; (1) increase in profit, (2) increase customer loyalty, (3) improve relations with new customers, (4) develop quality products with innovation, (5) develop good and quality services, (6) increase employee job satisfaction, (7) improvement of employee skills, and (8) Knowledge of employee knowledge. The eight strategic objectives are translated into 2 financial perspective Key Performance Indicators (KPI), 3 KPI internal business processes, 4 KPI customer perspectives, and 5 KPI growth and learning perspectives, with the target of each KPI set based on discussions with Kalem Coffee owners.

Keywords: Balanced Scorecard, Performance Management, Designing Performance Measurement Instruments


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