18 November 2016 | Tim Media UISI

Vehicle Routing Problem for Optimizing Refrigerated Container Loading Problem on Perishable Agro Product

Temperature perturbation becomes substantial attribute to maintain products shelf life.

Luki Trihardani

Logistic Engineering, Universitas Internasional Semen Indonesia

Email: luki.trihardani@uisi.ac.id 

Abstract:Temperature perturbation becomes substantial attribute to maintain products shelf life. The utilization of vehicle with cold storage equipment is widely practiced in order to maintain perishable product’s temperature especially during distribution stage. This study seeks to develop a model to optimize the allocation of management of cargo containers on refrigerated container agribusiness products. This model will coordinate the parameters associated with the storage of refrigerated, namely (1) temperature affect the life of the product durability. The lower the temperature setting, the freshness of the product will be more awake (2) the location or position (allocation) where the cargo is placed (stacking) in order to maintain optimum age of robustness, quality, and safety of agro products. This study combine cold chain management with container loading problems as real problems associated with the business activities of storage, distribution, and transportation of agro products. This research seeks to produce output to contribute to solve the problems related to the management of the allocation of refrigerated cargo containers. The outputs include system management optimization refrigerated container cargo allocation based on a study of the literature on experimental study of heat transfer and on the allocation of cargo with temperature. The systems are expected to facilitate offender farmers on farm and downstream sectors actors (agro-processing industry and logistics service providers) in the management of the storage of agribusiness. The advantage of thus study is obtained with regard to their temperature stability during storage, distribution, and transportation of agro products. The product will be guaranteed temperature for each product to be classified according to their placement needs and characteristics of the product to temperature.

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